10 Quick Thoughts after the Quiet Water Symposium!

10 Quick Thoughts after the Quiet Water Symposium!

So another Quiet Water Symposium (QWS) is over and it was fantastic – as usual!  Here are 10 quick takeaways on the show:

1)  The QWS organizers included an article on our “Oh Sh!t” Emergency Kit in their program so every attendee can put together their own just-in-case gear bag. (Here’s hoping they never have to use it!) The emphasis on real-world safety at the QWS is really admirable and they do a great job in getting key information out there, including putting together a new safety panel presentation. Special thanks to Allen Deming for fitting our article on the emergency kit into their program!

2)  Adventurer Darlene Patterson and her sister Denise are two of the nicest people I have ever met! Thanks again for helping to staff The Outdoor Kind booth while I was presenting.

3)  Time spent talking to Cliff Jacobson is *always* informative!

4)  Kevin Callan is *always* moving. (I want his metabolism.)

5)  The volunteers and room monitors for the QWS are absolutely fantastic!

6)  Sean Rowley of Paddling Adventures Radio wins “best beard of the show” award. Hands down. No one even close!  (Oh, and he snapped the photo above, so I need to thank him for that!)

7)  Jerry Vandiver and Amberly Rosen performed an impromptu set at the “after-party” and it was fantastic. Next year, I am hoping to bring in several volunteers to help with our booth – and one reason is so I can sneak out of the booth to watch them perform!  🙂

8)  Two of the QWS organizers, Linda and Gary DeKock, are doing another charity paddle for Water for People this year and it’s a *big* one! (We’ve mentioned them in several former blog entries here.) This time they are paddling the Missouri to the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. Watch for more details this grande adventure!

9)  Kayaks, canoes and paddling gear are all far more interesting than the rabbit show located next door in the pavilion! Maybe I’ll bring our dog Jack along next year to let loose over there and liven up their event!  😉

10)  Visiting friends in Grand Rapids the day after the QWS was fantastic – and visiting Founders Brewery was a great bonus!

Thanks to everyone who came by, donated to the cause, and picked up our shirts or postcards. Please go to The Outdoor Kind’s Facebook page to see more photos from the show!