New designs!

We started The Outdoor Kind with the idea for a t-shirt of a kayaking bear. And of course, if you have a kayaking bear, surely you need a canoeing moose!  (It’s only logical, right?!?)

But since that time we’ve had friends that participate in other sports ask us if we’ll be introducing their favorite activities, too, so we’re expanding beyond the paddling world now.  Here are two new designs for upcoming t-shirts and other products: the bicycling wolf and the hiking whitetail deer.

We’ll be adding more activities in the future, but just wanted to share these two new designs now. We’ll also be setting up an online store later this year so you can purchase these events from the comfort of your own home – or tent, if you’re getting bars while out in the wilderness.  🙂

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer season and staying safe out there!