Thank you first responders!

For those who have been watching the news, the Thomas Fire in California has just been named the largest wildfire in that state’s history.  The reasons for this are numerous, and the results have been horrific.
But there’s something else just as important going on – the recognition of our first responders. So many different groups of people have pulled together and worked in lock step during this crisis that it’s been pretty unbelievable.
The fire is believed to be about 90% contained now, and people that have been effected by the fire are saying thanks to those who have helped. It’s inspiring to see people recognize how much first responders do for them.
And the important thing to remember is that it’s not just in California that our brave first responders are working so hard. These brave men and women are protecting communities and helping their fellow citizens across North America (and the world).
Click on the photo below to go to an NBC news page that shows just how much the people affected by Thomas Fire appreciate their local first responders. And say thanks to your local first responders as well. Drop them an email, post a note on their Facebook page if they have one, or even call to say thanks. They deserve it.