The Outdoor Kind’s podcast to debut this spring!

The Outdoor Kind’s podcast to debut this spring!

The Outdoor Kind announced today at Canoecopia that it will soon debut an outdoors/safety podcast.

The show, currently in pre-production, will premiere in early May. It will cover topics of interests to campers, hikers and paddlers throughout North America.

“We’re really looking forward to the possibilities a podcast offers to not only connect with the outdoors community, but to share good safety info,” said John Van Barriger, president of The Outdoor Kind, LLC. “I’ve been calling into Paddling Adventures Radio for the past three years and have really enjoyed that. Hosts Sean Rowley and Derek Specht put together a really entertaining podcast, and they’re the inspiration behind this new project.”

John, who has worked as a features writer and editor in both the newspaper and magazine industries, is especially interested in interviewing outdoors enthusiasts. “I think they’re the most interesting people in the world. They’re not like anyone else,” he said. “They see things differently¬†and I look forward to sharing their vision and experiences with our listeners.”

Additionally, the podcast will focus on the good work that first responders do for the outdoors community, and each episode will feature specific safety tips to make your time outside more enjoyable.

“I’ll continue calling into Paddling Adventures Radio as their ‘foreign correspondent,’ John said. “I appreciate Sean and Derek’s commitment to outdoors safety and look forward to continued work with them. And to release our own podcast? That will be a great adventure. We can’t wait to get started!”

Details on the new podcast will continue to be released via this website and The Outdoor Kind’s social media outlets.

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