Outdoor Kind President earns First Responder certification

Outdoor Kind President earns First Responder certification

We are proud to announce that John Van Barriger, president and founder of The Outdoor Kind, LLC, has obtained his Wilderness First Responder certification.

Van Barriger traveled to Freeport, Maine, to take the intensive 80-hour Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course and certification exam.

In addition to his ongoing safety education work, John will now provide “Woofer” services at outdoors events, wilderness activities, and in rural areas where there are extended transport times.

“I’m personally very proud of this certification as it required a lot of hard work,” said Van Barriger, “But this will allow The Outdoor Kind, LLC, to provide new services with direct patient care and that makes me even happier. We will continue to focus on emergency prevention, as that is the first key in a safer outdoors experience, but we will now be able to lend direct assistance to people who need it.”

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