The “Updated 10 Essentials” Presentation and “Oh Sh!t Kit handout”

The “Updated 10 Essentials” Presentation and “Oh Sh!t Kit handout”

A big thanks to all of you who watched my Quiet Adventures Symposium presentation on the Updated 10 Essentials. As noted in the presentation, I think it’s critical that we take more than just 10 items with us to be safe. That’s one reason the 10 systems approach is so great as you can have the bases covered for most situations you may encounter in the outdoors.

I am attaching a link below to a copy of my handout of the gear that I personally take out when playing in the great outdoors. You’ll note that it’s set up for paddlers, but it’s still applicable to hikers, bicyclists, etc.  And the considerations section is critical for all of us.  You can download your copy here:

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Thanks again for tuning into my presentation, and I hope you have a safe, happy, and fun 2021!