If you’re into hiking, camping, or paddling, check out our podcast, “The Outdoor Kind Adventure Show!” 

We’ll cover the outdoors world for you, with a dose of “Real World Safety” added in. Our host and co-hosts come from various regions of Canada and the U.S., and will cover what’s happening with a sense of enthusiasm…and humor! (or “humour” for our Canadian listeners!)

The new show is found on all major podcast platforms (see below), and can be downloaded from this page as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy the podcast, and let us be a regular part of your outdoors journey!


Past Episodes!

Episode “000”
Our Mother’s Day Sneak Preview Episode!
Interview with Linda and Alisun DeKock
Safety: Hiking the Grand Canyon’s Trails
Music by Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson

Episode 001
Our Premiere Episode with 8 Special Guests…
And two Super-Secret Guests!
Safety: All about Campfires!
Music by Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson

Episode 002
Co-hosted by Derek Specht
Introducing Clare Gibbs
Safety: The Updated 10 Essentials
Music by Frostbitten Grass

Episode 003
Co-hosted by Clare Gibbs
Introducing Marissa Dolotallas
Safety: Surviving Summer Heat!
Music by Matt Sayles

Episode 004
Introducing Co-Hosts Dan Burish and Mindy Lawyer
Summer Trip Planning & The Erie Canal
Music by Running on Wires

Episode 005
Part 1 of the James Raffan Interview
Safety: PFD use for new & occasional paddlers
Music by Jerry Vandiver, James Raffan, and Hiquaq (David Serkoak)

Episode 006
Part 2 of the James Raffan Interview
Safety: Never underestimate the day trip!
Music by James Raffan

Episode 007
The Kevin Callan Interview
Safety: Kevin’s Backcountry Tips for Newbies!
Music by Neutral Earth

The Podcast Team

Clare Gibbs
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Dan Burish
Eugene, Oregon

Marissa Dolotallas
Meaford, Ontario

Mindy Lawyer
Greenville, South Carolina

John Van Barriger, Host
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Tanya Riemann, Web Guru
Guelph, Ontario